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The Great Eurail Art Contest: The winners


We challenged you to create your best artwork, inspired by the sights and landscapes of Europe. And you've certainly been busy drawing, painting, sculpting and designing ever since. These are the top 3 entries, each receiving 2x Eurail Global Passes. Let them inspire your next trip to Europe!


Jessica - Mexico

My inspiration comes from Europe's amazing cultural diversity, at the same time the beautiful architecture, also from the traditions, the traditional costumes and even all the varied races. All around Europe is amazingly lovely!


Eurail winner art contest Jessica USA

Lydia - USA

My drawing is inspired by the amazing trip I took with Eurail through The Netherlands, Germany, France, and England in 2019. I've depicted the German Deutsche Bahn making its way past tulip fields, Neuschwanstein Castle, the Eiffel Tower, and Big Ben.


Eurail winner Art Contest Bharati - India

Bharati - India

The artwork is a tribute to Van Gogh’s famous painting, and an expression of our struggles in Covid times. It represents a turbulent quest, similar to Van Gogh’s battle and search for solace. I found that solace in the art of paper quilling.

winner eurail art contest India Bharati
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