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European City Card discounts

Save on City Cards all over Europe with Eurail

  • FREE or discounted entry
    700+ Attractions

    FREE or discounted entry

  • FREE access to public transport
    Free transport

    FREE access to public transport

  • At shops, restaurants, and more!
    Many more benefits

    At shops, restaurants, and more!

Spend less, see more on your European city trips. Traveling with a Eurail Pass gives you fantastic discounts on carefully selected European City Cards. These City Cards save you precious travel money on 700+ attractions, accommodation, transportation, WiFi, as well as giving you FREE entry to a range of tours and activities.

The City cards: prices & benefits

City Card Eurail Passholder Price Benefits Website
Barcelona Card €45-> €41.50 75 attractions, 45 additional benefits
Bordeaux City Card

€29-> €26.10

20 attractions, 27 additional benefits
Berlin Welcome Card €23 -> €20.50 Over 200 attractions, 1 additional benefit
Bratislava Card €15-> €12 41 attractions, 71 additional benefits
Frankfurt Card €10.50-> €9 44 attractions, 12 additional benefits
French Rivera Pass (Nice) €26-> €23.40 51 attractions, 15 additional benefits
Ljubljana Card €24.30-> €19.44 18 attractions, 9 additional benefits
Lyon City Card €24-> €15.50 25 attractions, 28 additional benefits
Marseille City Pass €26-> €22.10 11 attractions, 6 additional benefits
Nantes Pass €25-> €12.50 26 attractions, 7+ additional benefits
NÜRNBERG CARD €25-> €22.50 40 attractions, 1 additional benefit
Porto. CARD €6-> €4.50 170 benefits and discounts
Segovia's Friends €3-> Free Brochure provided with the card
Salzburg Card €24-> €21.60 29 attractions, 41 additional benefits


City cards | Street view on the beautiful residential buildings in Nantes city

Nantes City Card discounted price for Eurail Passholders: €12.50

  • 1 public transport ticket (24H):
    Free (Original price: €5.40)

  • Chateau Des Ducs De Bretagne:
    Free (Original price: €10)

  • Carrousels Des Mondes Marins:
    Free (Original price:€8.50)

  • River Erdre cruise:
    Free (Original price:€13)

  • City tour bus:
    Free (Original price: €12)

Savings: ​€48.90 - €12.50 = €36.40


Nuremberg City Card Eurail Benefit

NÜRNBERG CARD discounted price for Eurail Passholders: €22.50

  • 1 public transport ticket (24H):
    Free (Original price: €7.90)

  • Germanisches Nationalmuseum:
    Free (Original price: €8)

  • St. Sebald church:
    Free (Original price:€2)

  • Imperial castle:
    Free (Original price:€7)

  • Zoological garden:
    Free (Original price: €13.50)

Savings: ​€38.40 - €22.50 = €15.90


City Cards | Classic view of the historic city of Salzburg in winter

Salzburg Card discounted price for Eurail Passholders: €21.60

  • 1 public transport ticket (24H):
    Free (Original price: €4)

  • Museum of Modern Art Salzburg:
    Free (Original price: €8)

  • Mozart's Birthplace:
    Free (Original price:€11)

  • Cable-Car Untersberg:
    Free (Original price:€23.50)

  • Salzburg city cruise:
    Free (Original price: €15)

Savings: €61.50 - €21.60 = €39.90

City Card tips & info

  • Most City Cards can be purchased at local tourist offices. Get your discount when purchasing the City Card by presenting your Eurail Pass to sales staff.

  • Online booking is an additional option for some City Cards, subject to conditions. See the official websites of the City Card you're interested in for more details.

  • You may need to present an ID card at purchase.

  • City Cards usually come with a choice of duration options: 24, 48, 72 hours of validity.

  • For popular tours and attractions, it's wise to contact the tourism office beforehand in case pre-booking is required (for example, for guided visits, cruises).

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