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Last-minute trips - No reservations!

Take a trip that requires no planning

Whether it's a surprise long weekend or you are planning a month-long getaway, Eurail has Passes to suit all needs. Easily book one of these four last-minute breaks now. These don't require seat reservations, taking a more scenic and alternative route to hidden gems throughout Europe. Just choose the length of your trip below and discover the itineraries we have designed for you!

Get away on your long weekend by visiting 3 countries within 3-5 days. This itinerary will take you from Austria to Hungary, through Slovakia and requires no reservations - just pack your bag and go!

From hiking in the mountains to ending at some of the best European beaches, these week-long itineraries are perfect for adventure seekers.

Want a longer break that takes you to the Floating Cities of Europe? We have you covered, with our 10 day reservation-free itinerary.

Feeling like a challenge? Visit 10 different countries within a month with this once in a lifetime itinerary that takes you through The Netherlands, Hungary, Switzerland and more.

What you need

For these itineraries, you will need a Global Pass for the number of travel days of each journey - there are no additional costs, as reservations are not needed.

Just bring your bags and yourself and board the first train to start your adventure!