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2 weeks in Europe for Foodies

Eat your way through the best food cities! During these 2 weeks in Europe, you'll go through 3 countries, 6 cities, and countless dishes. This itinerary is for people who see food as a big part of the cultural experience.


2 weeks in Europe | Foodie tour | Itinerary map

Crème brûlée in France, tapas in Spain, pasta in Italy - eat your favorite dishes in the places they were invented!


If you have 2 weeks in Europe, you'll be able to visit:

1. Paris, France
2. San Sebastián, Spain
3. Barcelona, Spain
4. Lyon, France
5. Bologna, Italy
6. Rome, Italy

You'll get enough time to see all the main sights of these popular cities, as well as dive into the foodie scene.

Paris, France

    Macarons in Paris, France
Macarons in Paris, France
  • Paris perfected fine dining. The French capital has earned the most Michelin stars of all cities in Europe!

  • From croissants and baguettes to macarons and crêpes, French bites are sold all over the city.

  • Feeling adventurous? Fill up on protein with a serving of escargots - snails cooked with garlic butter.

The Parisian subway will take you from the main airport to the city center in 15 minutes.

San Sebastián, Spain

    Pintxos in San Sebastian
Pintxos in San Sebastian
  • The old town is packed with pinxtos restaurants. Pinxtos are tapas served with a skewer or toothpick.

  • The best chefs in the region buy top-quality seasonal produce at the colorful underground La Bretxa Market.

  • Still hungry? Join a cooking class for hands-on instructions on how to perfect the art of Basque cuisine.

The daily route from Paris to San Sebastián takes less than 7 hours. Reservations required.

Barcelona, Spain

    Placa Reial restaurants. Barcelona, Spain
Placa Reial restaurants. Barcelona, Spain
  • Indulge in tapas at Barcelona's popular terraces, such as Plaça Reial. Local favorites include seafood and pork.

  • Explore the maze of food stalls in La Boquiera Market, located just off the pedestrian boulevard La Rambla.

  • You can also try specialties from other Spanish cities, such as gazpacho (Seville) and paella (Valencia).

Direct trains from San Sebastián take less than 6 hours. Reservation required.

Lyon, France

    Duck pate ("foie gras") in Lyon, France
Duck pate ("foie gras") in Lyon, France
  • Lyon is the gastronomical capital of the world! Local cuisine includes duck pâté, sausages, and roast pork.

  • Dine at bouchons, traditional Lyonnaise restaurants. Tip: Authentic bouchons are officially certified.

  • Lyon's main market, Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, is packed with fresh local produce and French delicacies.

A direct train can take you from Barcelona to Lyon in 5 hours (reservation required).

Bologna, Italy

    Outdoor dining in Bologna, Italy
Outdoor dining in Bologna, Italy
  • The Quadrilatero is the beating heart of Bologna's food scene. The vibrant market overflows with food stalls.

  • Dine at an osteria, a small restaurant with short menus and local specialties. Italy's oldest osteria is in Bologna.

  • When in Bologna, order your pasta with Bolognese sauce! Just ask for the tagliatelle al ragù.

Travel by train from Lyon to Bologna in approximately 7 hours.

Rome, Italy

    Bruschetta in Rome, Italy
Bruschetta in Rome, Italy
  • Looking for a pizza fix? Avoid restaurants in the tourist center. The best pizzerias can be found in quiet alleys.

  • For a traditional Roman meal, start with bruschetta and have spaghetti carbonara as your main dish.

  • True pasta lovers should go to the National Museum of Pasta (Museo Nazionale della Paste Alimentari).

Regular direct trains from Bologna will get you to Rome in just over 2 hours.

Which pass should I get?

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Plan your journey

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