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Serbia By Train

The train is the perfect way to explore Serbia, and its capital Belgrade. Serbia is known for its beautiful scenery, historical heritage, curative spas and attractive flora and fauna. Step aboard and experience a land unlike any other.

More about Serbia

Quick facts

  • Capital: Belgrade (local spelling: Beograd, written as Београд)

  • Population: 7.2 million

  • Language: Serbian

  • Currency: Serbian Dinar (RSD)

  • Dialing code: +381


Train types in Serbia

Rail Network

Eurail pass validity

The Eurail pass that can be used for travel in Serbia are the Eurail Global Pass and the Eurail Serbia PassThese Eurail passes are valid on all domestic trains within Serbia operated by the Serbian railways (Železnice Srbije).


From Belgrade (or Beograd), travelers can take a day or night train to beautiful cities on the Adriatic coast, such as Bar (in Montenegro), covering one of the most interesting and picturesque routes through the mountains, traversing 276 tunnels and numerous bridges.


International connections

The capital city, Belgrade (or Beograd), has regular and direct rail connections with capital cities in Central and Eastern Europe. International passenger trains include a regular day and night train, the ‘Avala’, which circulates on the route Belgrade – Budapest – Vienna, and offers customers, exiting in Budapest (Hungary) and Vienna (Austria), connections to the rest of Europe.*


There are also day and night trains running from Belgrade to Zurich (Switzerland), Munich (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Bucharest (Romania) and Thessaloniki (Greece) running in both directions. A reservation may be required.


See the website of the Serbian Railways for info on international trains to and from Belgrade.


* Please note: a section of the line between Belgrade and Budapest is being upgraded, there are no direct trains at the moment.



Train types

  • Express trains

  • Intercity trains

  • Passenger trains

Reservations are not required for domestic trains but are recommended for international trains. Read more about train reservations.



Bikes are allowed on trains in Serbia. You have to pay a fee of 100 Dinar (approximately €0,85) and place your bike in one of the designated bike spaces on the train. If the train doesn't have any special bike spaces, you can only bring your bike if you can fold it and store it as personal luggage. Visit the website of the Serbian Railways for more information.


Extra info

Eurail aid office

For questions about Eurail, you can go to the international ticket office at the Beograd railway station (Belgrade), open daily: 24 hours. See the page Eurail aid offices for detailed information and more aid offices in Europe.


Airport station links

From the International Airport Nikola Tesla you can continue your journey to the capital Belgrade with bus 72 to the bus station Zeleni venac (about 500m (0.3 mi) from Belgrade‘s railway station). Eurail passes are not valid on this connection.

Rail Pass options for Serbia

Serbia Pass


Spend your whole vacation exploring Serbia by rail.


Standard prices from € 51

Global Pass


Be free to visit Serbia and up to 32 other Eurail countries.

Standard prices from € 185

Benefits in Serbia

Serbian Railway Museum in Belgrade

Admission to this railway museum is free for those with a valid Eurail pass for Serbia.

See all pass benefits for Serbia

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Places to visit in Serbia

    Cathedral of Saint Sava, Belgrade, Serbia
Cathedral of Saint Sava, Belgrade, Serbia

Bustling, busy Belgrade

Belgrade (Beograd) is the heart, soul and capital of Serbia. A vast array of museums, sporting events, cultural and historic monuments await you. Stroll down historic Skadarlija Street and take in the restaurants, pubs, strolling gypsy musicians, artists, shops and antiques. Stop at the National Museum of Serbia to see everything from medieval to modern art. Pick from a plethora of pubs and cafés.

From Belgrade Central Station it's a 15-minute walk to the historic Skadarlija area.

    Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad
Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad

The city and the citadel

With a busy city center and six official languages, Novi Sad easily competes with Belgrade as a top destination. It also has the impressive and imposing Petrovaradin Citadel, one of the largest fortresses on the Danube. In the city itself, check out the frescoes in Almaska and Saborna churches, and take the winding stairway up to the Clock Tower and enjoy the panoramic view of the city, river and Fruska Gora mountain.

Step out of the bus at Bulevar Mihajla Pupina to visit the fascinating Vojvodina Museum, before continuing on to the Citadel.

    Golubac Fortress, Serbia
Golubac Fortress, Serbia

The formidable fortress

This impressive, 14th century Golubac Fortress features 7 imposing towers and has been the scene of many battles. The lowest levels of the fortress actually dip into the Danube, making its preservation all the more remarkable. It stands as one of the finest medieval fortresses in the country. It sits at one of the entrances to Djerdap gorge, another must-see on your rail adventure through Serbia.

7 buses per day leave Belgrade and arrive at Golubac.

    Djerdap National Park, Danube
Djerdap National Park, Danube

The gorgeous gorge

This breathtaking park along the banks of the Danube is one of the most spectacular natural features in the country. The Djerdap Gorge rises as high as 900 feet (300 m) above the Danube, and provides some spectacular sights. For one of Europe’s best ski resorts, visit the peaks around the village of Kopaonik. You can relax in the wonderful Josanicka Banja spa after a day on the slopes.

Take a bus to the park entrance at Donji Milanovac. You can explore on foot from there.