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Slovakia By Train

Train travel is the ideal way to explore the untainted terrains and rich folk culture of Slovakia. With your Eurail Pass, the hospitable young city of Bratislava is easily accessible. Enjoy the historic town of Kosice in east Slovakia and marvel at the mineral-rich Štiavnica mountain ranges. And while you're here, taste the Slovak wines from the Carpathian regions.

Train types in Slovakia

Rail Network

The Eurail Global Pass and Eurail Slovakia Pass are valid on all trains of the national railway company ZSSK.


Rail network

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is an intersection of all types of transportation: train, ship, road and air.  The railroad tracks follow rivers and run through mountain valleys. The highest altitude train station, at 1320 meters above sea level, is the Strbske Pleso train station in the High Tatras.


The InterCity services are the best choice if you like to travel comfortable. IC trains link Bratislava, Žilina, The High Tatras and Košice. The travel time between the largest cities Bratislava and Košice is 5-6 hours, with connections almost every hour. On the ZSSK website you can find printable timetables.


The yellow RegioJet trains are a fast way to travel to the Czech Republic. You need a Eurail Global Pass or 3 or 4 Country Pass to travel on this train. 


LEO Express  is a private rail company that operates out of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They operate on many popular domestic routes, and do not require reservations. Their most popular routes are from Prague-Prerov-Stare Mesto/Ostrava-Bohumin-Kosice and also Stare Mesto/Kosice-Bohumin-Ostrava-Prerov-Prague.


How to get there

The easiest way to get to Slovakia by train from the west is via Vienna, the capital of Austria. Trains also travel to Slovakia from the Eurail countries Poland and Hungary.


Rail Pass options for Slovakia

Slovakia Pass


Use your whole vacation to discover Slovakia by rail.


Standard prices from € 51

Global Pass


Be free to visit Slovakia and up to 32 other Eurail countries.

Standard prices from € 185

Benefits in Slovakia

Hotels and resorts

Eurail pass holders in Slovakia get discounts on accommodation at a number of hotels and wellness centers.

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More about Slovakia

Quick facts

  • Capital: Bratislava

  • Population: 5.4 million

  • Language: Slovak

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Dialing code: +421

Places to visit in Slovakia

    St. Michal Tower in the old town of Bratislava
St. Michal Tower in the old town of Bratislava

Bratislava: Juxtaposition of new and old

Although Slovakia has very much left the Communist era behind it, visible remains still stand, intertwined with a modern, up and coming vibe in the capital. For a taste of the old world, head through the ornate arch of Michalská Veža and you’ll be standing inside Bratislava’s beloved old town. The ideal way to absorb this charming part of the city is by joining the locals for a coffee and a spot of people watching in one of the little cafés. The Baroque palaces and 18th century rococo buildings will also keep your eyes inspired.

The old town is a 15-minute walk from Bratislava’s main train station.
Oravský Castle, Orava, Slovakia
Oravský Castle, Orava, Slovakia

"Eagle's Nest"

One of the biggest tourist attractions in northern Slovakia is the Orava Castle, built on a rock high above the Orava River. Known as the "eagle's nest", the castle began as an old wooden castle in 1241 and has since developed Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and modern styles. Today, the complex is a remarkable combination of palaces, fortifications and towers. Visitors can take night tours during the main tourist season, featuring theater performances and spooky scenes.

Oravský Podzámok train station is less than 10 minutes walking distance from the castle.

    Ruins of Devín Castle, Slovakia
Ruins of Devín Castle, Slovakia

Endless natural wonder

Venture to southern central Slovakia and you’ll set your eyes on the mineral-rich Štiavnica mountain range. Take a day to roam around this huge caldera that formed from the collapse of an ancient volcano, while gazing out across rolling hills and shimmering lakes. For more of Slovakia’s natural charm take a leisurely boat trip along the Danube river. Where the water flows to meet the Morava river, stands one of Slovakia’s most impressive sights – the rugged ruins of Devín castle, hanging onto the cliff.

The Štiavnica mountains can be easily reached from the train station in the village of Banská Štiavnica. The Danube boat tour is a 20-minute walk from Bratislava’s main train station.

    Historical cottage in Vlkolínec, Slovakia
Historical cottage in Vlkolínec, Slovakia

Historical castles and log cottages

Spiš Castle in eastern Slovakia is a real must-see. Settled atop a dolomite rock, the huge remote fortress is Slovakia’s largest and arguably, most intriguing one. Dare to enter the attached dungeons and you’ll learn something new about the torturous techniques of the past. Vlkolínec, a UNESCO-listed settlement oozes authenticity and charm thanks to its original folk countryside architecture. Around 40 adorable log cottages lie in the village, one of which houses a museum, revealing details of the traditional daily life.

Spiš Castle is a pleasant 1-hour walk from Spišské Podhradie train station, alternatively take a taxi to the site. Vlkolínec is a short taxi ride from Ružomberok train station.

    Hiking path over waterfall in Slovakia
Hiking path over waterfall in Slovakia

Mountain activity haven

For outdoor junkies, the High Tatras mountains, spilling between the borders of Slovakia and Poland is the place to head to. The scenery made up of dramatic peaks, punctuated by thick forest and cascading waterfalls is the main pull. As the peaks become cloaked in snow during winter, the area is popular with skiiers and snowboarders, and as the snow melts leaving the alpine landscape bear, hiking is the ideal way to enjoy Slovakia’s pretty countryside. The highest peak Lomnický Štít (2,634 m), can be explored either on foot (accompanied by a mountain guide) or by taking the cable car up.

To reach Lomnický Štít take a train to Prešov and then connect to a bus.