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Slovenia By Train

Your Eurail Slovenia Pass is your key to a true rail travel adventure. Discover the splendid architecture, mountain vistas and the lovely Adriatic coast of Slovenia. If you want to explore this fascinating and beautiful country by rail, there are plenty of Eurail passes to choose from. The convenience and efficiency of train travel will make it well worth your while.

Train types in Slovenia

Rail Network

The national railway company of Slovenia is called SŽ (Slovenian Railways - Slovenske železnice).


How to get there

The capital city of Ljubljana is easy reachable by direct trains from Austria (Vienna), Germany (Munich), Switzerland (Zurich), Croatia (Zagreb), Hungary (Budapest) and Serbia (Belgrade).



Train types

Slovenian Railways, Slovenske Zeleznice or SZ, operate the following types of trains:

  • InterCitySlovenija (ICS). These quality trains run 9 times a day between Maribor and Ljubljana. Reservation is compulsory. 

  • InterCity trains (IC). These are quality trains that cover long distances on national and international routes.

  • Green trains (ZV). These are quality motor trains that have comfortable, air-conditioned cars. They have shorter travel times, fewer stops and offer restaurant service.

  • Local and regional trains that cover shorter distances throughout the country.

  • EuroCity trains (EC). These are high-quality international trains that have modern, comfortable and air-conditioned cars. They offer some additional services such as a restaurant car and telephone facilities. They require reservation.

  • International trains (MV). These are quality trains that offer fast and reliable connections from Slovenia to other countries.


See the information about train reservations.
You can plan your trip with the help of timetable.



Examples of nice scenic train routes in Slovenia:

  • Ljubljana – Celje

  • Ljubljana – Jesenice – Nova Gorica


Extra info

Airport city connection

From the International Airport you can take a bus to Ljubljana railway station. The journey takes about 45 minutes. Eurail passes are not valid on this connection.


Eurail aid office

For help with Eurail in Slovenia, you can go to the international ticket office at:

  • Ljubljana Railway Station
    Mon-Fri: 08.00 - 20.00
    Sat, Sun and holidays: closed


See Eurail aid offices for details and more aid offices in Europe.

Benefits in Slovenia

Free bus travel

With a Eurail pass valid in Slovenia, you get free travel on the following bus route:

  • Divača – Škocjan Caves 


Hotel and resort services

Eurail pass holders also get discounts on swimming pools, aqua parks, and saunas at various hotels and wellness spas.

See all pass benefits for Slovenia

Rail Pass options for Slovenia

Slovenia Pass


Use your whole vacation to discover Slovenia by rail.


Standard prices from € 51

Global Pass


Be free to explore Slovenia and up to 32 other Eurail countries.

Standard prices from € 185

More about Slovenia

Quick facts

  • Capital: Ljubljana

  • Population: 2 million

  • Language: Slovene

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Dialing code: +386

Places to visit in Slovenia

    Bled Island in Lake Bled
Bled Island in Lake Bled

Bled Castle and Vintgar Gorge

Take a pletna (a special boat only known in this region) to the only real island in Slovenia. In this picturesque little town, you’ll see Bled Castle emerging from the rocks overlooking quaint and charming Bled Island and the sparkling Lake Bled. Next, take a guided trail tour on the narrow bridges above Vintgar Gorge, which ends in a stunning waterfall. The trail also leads to breathtaking views of the area.

There is a bus service from Ljubljana to Bled, or you can take the train to Bled-Lesce station, and then a bus into Bled center.

    Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Luminous and lively Ljubljana

The capital city of Ljubljana is the political and cultural heart of Slovenia. You’ll find unmistakable evidence of its rich history. It’s also a vibrant, modern city that’s home to theaters, museums, galleries (such as the National Art Gallery) and one of the oldest philharmonic orchestras in the world. A remarkable 10,000 cultural events take place here every year, including nearly a dozen international festivals. When you visit, don’t miss the 15th century Ljubljana castle.

The National Art Gallery (Narodna Galerija) is less than 10 minutes from station Ljubljana Tivoli. Of course, Tivoli Park is also accessible from this stop.

    Bridge in Škocjan Caves Regional Park
Bridge in Škocjan Caves Regional Park

Škocjan Caves Regional Park

Located on the main karst plateau in the southwest of Slovenia, these vast caves with their underground halls and gorges boast unique natural beauty and cultural heritage, they’re also the world’s largest underground wetlands. In fact, most visitors to Škocjan rarely see the village itself, as they’re immediately drawn to the treasures and discoveries of the caves. Try to do both when you visit.

Take the train to the nearby town of Divaca, and then pick up a taxi or bus to the park.

    Savica Waterfall near Lake Bohinij
Savica Waterfall near Lake Bohinij

The beauty and bounty of Lake Bohinij

Outdoor enthusiasts won’t know where to begin in this natural wonderland and heavenly playground. Hiking, climbing and white-water rafting in the summer, gives way to unbelievable skiing in the winter, as the lake is surrounded by imposing slopes. Most visitors come for the spectacular Savica Waterfall, a 250-foot (75 m) drop for the river Sava. If weather allows, swimming and boating are also encouraged.

Take the train to the town of Ribcev Laz, and then get a cab to the lake.

    Predjama Castle
Predjama Castle

The creepy-cool town of Predjama

A few miles from Postojna, you can visit the centuries-old Predjama Castle (Predjamski grad), perched high atop a 400 foot cliff. Nestled deep into the limestone, the castle seems to emerge directly from the caves underneath. See the living quarters and dungeon. Then take in the views from the observation post on the rocky cliff and legendary Erazem’s Tunnel. Some believe the castle is haunted. You be the judge.

The castle is best reachable by car. From Predjama center, it’s just a few minutes’ drive by taxi.

    Postonja Caves
Postonja Caves

The limestone wonders of Postojna

In the chilly corridors of the Postojna Caves (Postojnska Jama), you’ll discover over 12 miles of passages, nearly 80 different species of cave animals and galleries bursting with stalagmites and stalactites. Hop on a cave train and uncover a dazzling natural world, and learn centuries of history, too. Check out graffiti from the 13th century and the soot-covered stalactites that show where the Germans hid their fuel supplies during the war.

During high season, there are buses from Postojna train station to the caves. Otherwise, a taxi is your best bet.

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