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Scenic Trains in Europe

Scenic Europe, from a new perspective - your train window!

Europe's scenic trains will treat you to dramatic mountain scenery and sparkling lakes. Sit back and enjoy beautiful European landscapes as they pass you by from the comfort of your seat.


Read all about Europe's scenic train routes below.

List of scenic trains in Europe






The Arlbergline runs between Innsbruck and Bludenz and is one of the most spectacular railway lines in Austria. Numerous bridges, viaducts and of course beautiful views on the Austrian Alps mark the route.


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Bergen Railway




Running between Bergen and Oslo, this train lets you experience the best of the Norwegian landscape, complete with fjords, waterfalls, mountains and frozen lakes.


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Bernina Express


(Italy - Switzerland)


The Bernina Express is a breathtaking train ride through the snow-capped mountain scenery of Switzerland. Take in views of dynamic glaciers, alpine lakes and rolling countryside.


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Black Forest Lines




The Black Forest scenic train route in south-western Germany passes through the beautiful region of Baden-Württemberg. The train winds around conifer-coated mountains and passes Hansel and Gretel-style villages.


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Centovalli Railway


(Italy - Switzerland)


The scenic train between Locarno and Domosossola runs through the magical “Hundred Valleys” - the Centovalli. It's considered to be one of the most beautiful views.


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Flåm Railway




Starting from the mountain station at Myrdal in Norway, this scenic train takes you down to Flåm via the longest and deepest fjord in Europe, the Sognefjorden.


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Glacier Express




This is the famous scenic train link between St-Moritz and Zermatt in Switzerland.


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Golden Pass




Connect central Switzerland and Lake Geneva with this attractive scenic train ride.


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Gotthard Panorama Express




The Gotthard Panorama Express connects 2 of the prettiest parts of Switzerland by boat and by train: central Switzerland and the Ticino region in the south. There are daily connections from Lucerne to either Locarno or Lugano or vice versa.


More about the Gotthard Panorama Express






The Inlandsbanan is a scenic train route in Sweden that's 1,300 km long (807 mi), starts in Kristinehamn in the south and ends in Gällivare in the north.


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Rauma Line




Starting from Dombås (between Oslo and Trondheim) in Norway, this scenic train route takes you through picturesque mountains, over imposing bridges, through winding tunnels and past the tallest rock-face in Europe; the Trollveggen.


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Rhine Valley Line




Travel alongside the Germany’s river Rhine for around 100 kilometers and enjoy the view of green vineyards, picturesque towns and beautiful castles.


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Semmering Bahn




This scenic train route runs between Glognitz and Semmering (Austria) over 16 viaducts and through 15 tunnels on a stretch of 5,420 m (3,4 mi).


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Train reservations for scenic trains

Some scenic trains require a reservation in advance, however many do not. A number of scenic trains, such as the Bernina Express, have a special panoramic car, which usually requires a reservation.


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