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Epic Summer Itineraries

Make the most of your trip to Europe

Whether you have just a week to spend in Europe, or you are planning a month-long getaway, Eurail has Passes to suit all needs. Easily book one of these four breaks now and explore the highlights of Europe during the time you have. Choose the length of your trip below and discover the itineraries we have designed for you!



10 days in Europe's Iconic Capitals


During this trip, you can tick off major bucket-list sights such as the Eiffel Tower, canals of Amsterdam, and the Berlin Wall. Our Passes will make sure you travel in comfort and style. 




2 week European 'Foodie Tour'


Travel throughout France, Spain, and Italy sampling your favorite dishes in the countries where they were invented. From Créme Brûlée to spinach-stuffed cannelloni, your taste buds will be delighted.




3 weeks in Europe's famous cities


Cover as much ground as possible in this trip. Visit 10 cities in 7 countries, with a chance to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Wall in Berlin, and ride the waterways of Amsterdam and Venice. 


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1 month 'Alternative Tour'


Have a lot of time on your hands? Visit major cities throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Italy, combined with day trips to equally enthralling attractions and lesser-explored towns.


What you need

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For these itineraries, you will need a Global Pass for the number of travel days of each journey.


Want everything organized for you instead? Choose one of the all-inclusive packages offered by our partner.