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Travel disruptions in Europe

It's important to know if there are disruptions or planned works on the tracks and stations that may affect your travel plans. Some railway companies offer dedicated pages with updates and detailed maps. Below you can find the details, per country. A few railway companies only offer this information in their own language. We've also included those links, as you may want to use a translation plugin to read the updates.


Please take into account the travel restrictions being applied in some countries in Europe. Follow the updates regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and its effects on train travel on this page.



You can check the ongoing and planned works on the Austrian railway network via this page. Additionally, you can consult this map to see the current situation on the tracks. 


This page contains information on all the ongoing track disruptions and engineering works in Belgium. 


The trains 2154 (Sarajevo-Zenica) and 2155 (Zenica-Sarajevo) are suspended due to ongoing works on this route. There is currently no estimate of when this connection will resume.


Since 15 December 2020, additional measures against the spread of COVID-19 disease were introduced in the border traffic between Croatia and Slovenia. Therefore, some trains will run on shortened routes. You can download the train timetable here


Due to construction works on the line Jesenice - Villach Hbf, train passengers 1210/1211 Vinkovci - Villach Hbf - Vinkovci and EC 1212/1213 Zagreb GK - Frankfurt Hbf will be transported by buses between Ljubljana - Villach Hbf until July 10, 2021.

Czech Republic

You can find details about both domestic and international disruptions affecting the Czech rail network on this page. Unfortunately, this information is only available in Czech; we recommend contacting the Czech railways for more details if you're planning to travel on any of the affected routes.  


The Danish railway company (DSB) has planned track work which will affect both regular trains and their S-tog system, including a few main routes, such as Copenhagen - Aarhus. You can see the complete list on this page of their website. 


You can check the latest updates on the Finnish rail network via this page of their website.


For information about upgrades, maintenance and construction works on the French railways, you can visit this page on their website, where they share all the recent updates and maps of their rail network. 


The extensive German rail network is under constant maintenance and expansion. The German national railway company, Deutsche Bahn (DB), dedicates an entire section of their website to delays, track works and passenger rights. Unfortunately, this information is only available in German - for the maintenance/engineering works, you can check this page, while their online timetables have real-time updates on train delays/cancelations.

Great Britain

The National Rail website contains up to date information shared by the British railway companies. On this page you can see updates about current disruptions and traffic status in general. To check if your trip may be affected by future engineering work, please check this page


For the latest updates on the Eurostar trains and services, you can go to this page.


International train traffic to/from Greece is heavily disrupted; please check this page of their website for the most up to date information regarding the available international connections. 


A great alternative for Eurail Pass holders is the trip from Italy to Greece via ferry - check the details here.


Some of the Hungarian rail network, both international and domestic, is or will be affected by minor works on the tracks, which may cause some trains to run on modified schedules.The Hungarian railways share the details on this page (only in Hungarian).


The Irish railway company (Irish Rail) shares updates about their planned engineering works and affected schedules on this page of their website


Trenitalia, the Italian national railway company, has planned construction and engineering works on several of their routes throughout 2020. While the detailed information is only available in Italian, you can still check if your travel plans will be affected: on this page, you can search for disruptions using either start and end dates or the region in which you will be traveling. 


The Dutch railway company (NS) shares up-to-date information about current disruptions and planned engineering and maintenance work on their lines via their website. 


To see up-to-date information regarding current and planned work on the Norwegian railways, check this page of the official website of the Norwegian railway company (Vy). 


The Polish railway company (PKP) shares up-to-date information about current and planned disruptions on this page of their website.


Combois de Portugal (CP), the Portuguese national railway company, shares information on traffic changes and other news regarding train travel in Portugal through this page of their website.


You can see updates about current train delays or cancelations in Slovenia via the official website of the SZ.


RENFE, the Spanish national railway company, dedicates this page (unfortunately not available in English) of their website to notices about disruptions and planned works. 


There are several instances of track maintenance and engineering works planned by the Swedish national railways (SJ). On this page of their website you can find detailed information about current and upcoming track works.


*All Stockholm – Helsinki departures are cancelled for the period of June-July 2021.

**All departures between Riga and Stockholm are cancelled until 31 December 2021.

***All Stockholm – Tallinn departures are cancelled for the period of June-July 2021.


SBB, the Swiss national railway company, shares all the latest updates on operations, disruptions and delays affecting their rail network on this page of their website.