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Pass Extension Request

If your travel plans been affected by COVID-19 (corona virus), you may be eligible for an extension of your Pass validity. Please fill out the form below to request a Pass extension from or any other sales agent.

Pass Extension Request Form

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Pass Extension FAQs

How does registering help me?

By registering your details with this form, you confirm to Eurail and its distribution partners that you will not be traveling within the validity period of your Pass. This includes scenarios where:


  • You preselected an activation date, but will no longer be traveling in that period
  • You purchased a Pass, but are not planning to travel within the 11 month validity


All Passes will be valid for an initial 6 month extension beyond the regular 11 month validity. The extension period will be continuously reviewed to ensure we provide suitable coverage for our traveler community.

Who can register?

All travelers with a valid and unused pass can register, regardless of where you have bought your Pass. Eurail has internal processes to notify your sales agent of your registration.

What do I do when I'm ready to confirm my new travel date?

You can simply contact your selling agent to discuss your plans We have an existing process in place to manage exchanges, but we'll continue to negotiate with partners to further improve this. We will update this section when we have new information to share with you.