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Train Reservations In Italy

Various trains in Italy require a reservation. Eurail Pass Holders have to pay an additional fee for these reservations.

Reservations are compulsory for Le Frecce trains (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca, formerly known as Eurostar Italia), InterCity trains, night trains and international day trains like the EuroCity. It's not possible to make reservations for regional trains. You can make your reservations for these trains through our Reservation Service.

Update July 2019: please note that for an undetermined time it is not possible to make reservations for Pass holders through the Trenitalia website.

How to make online reservations for Italian trains

Eurail Rail Planner App

An easy way to make your reservations in Italy is through the Eurail Rail Planner App. Download it in Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple), and book your e-tickets for Italian trains while traveling!


For Rail Planner App function, a working internet connection is required.


Trenitalia website 

As mentioned above, right now it's temporarily impossible to make reservations for Italian trains through the Trenitalia website. If you want to book your reservations in advance you can book them through the Reservation Self-Service. If you want to book the Thello train, you can book through the Thello website.


Do you want to book the Thello train? Check our instructions on how to book the Thello.


For other trains, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Trenitalia website.

  2. Enter your departure city and city of arrival. Please note that the city names appear in local spelling (for example, Rome= "Roma" and Florence = "Firenze").

  3. Choose your preferred train connection and click Select.

    Screenshot showing how to choose your preferred train connection at TrenItalia website

  4. Check the 'view other offers' box that's right below your selected train connection. Click Continue.

    Screenshot showing other prices and services of TrenItalia website

  5. Select your preferred class (Business (1st) or Standard (2nd)) in the Service menu. Now select 'Global Pass' in the Offer menu. Also select this option if you have a Eurail Select Pass, or Eurail Italy Pass.

    Screenshot of reservation price on TrenItalia website

  6. The price of your ticket(s) now only shows the reservation cost. Fill in the order number of you Eurail pass in the 'ticket number support' box. Click continue. Your order number is the number stated on your pass at 'CIV' and starts with the letters EU. Please leave out these two letters when filling out the 'ticket number support' box. You can also find your order number in your confirmation email. When you try to make reservations for international day trains you may need your pass number (you can find this 7 digit number at the back of your pass.)

  7. Check the date and departure time of your selected train and choose your payment method (credit card or Paypal).

  8. Click Continue to complete the payment or click add travel solution to make another reservation.


Good to know

For journeys by high-speed train within Italy you can choose to receive an e-ticket. Reservations for international journeys and night trains have to be picked up at an Italian train station. They can also be delivered to an Italian address.

Other ways to make train reservations in Italy

  • At a ticket desk at major Italian train stations like Firenze Santa Maria Novella, Milano Centrale, Torino Porta Nuova, Roma Termini, and Venezia Santa Lucia.

  • At a self-service machine at main Italian train stations. Select your train and click on "Global Pass".

  • By phone through a railway call center.

Making reservations for international trains to Italy






  • It's not possible to make online reservations for the TGV train between Milan and Paris.

  • You can make your reservations at a RailEurope office close to Milan Central station (Milano Centrale).

  • Address: Via Vitruvio 1. 20124 Milan.